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Arena Teams:April 2018 EditionApr 21, 2018 20:19:05 GMT

Post by CharlieVader on Apr 21, 2018 20:19:05 GMT

There have been so many changes in the game since the last time we put anything in here, but we are going to start with what is and has always been the most important aspect of the game, the arena. Let's go over some of the more powerful teams in arena today.

According to SWGOH these are the top used teams in first place:

1. EP Lead, Vader, Thrawn, Nihilus and Sion
2. RJT lead, GK, R2, Thrawn, BB-8
3. Rex lead, Han Solo, GK, Thrawn, CLS
4. EP lead, Vader, GK, Nihilus, Thrawn
5. CLS lead, Solo, GK, R2, Thrawn

The current meta is the first up, and it's good. EP recieved 2 zeta upgrades recently, one increasing his survivability, but it's his leader ability that put him back on top. Now, when a debuff expires, all empire and sith allies gain 5% TM. On the surface this doesn't look great, but when you think about the applications, you realize that it specifically punishes cleansing teams. This about going against that Rex team listed above, Rex was always a thorn for the Empire because they would go and Rex's team would get TM and just cleanse all of the debuffs, well now your team will get 5% TM for each debuff cleansed, bringing you right back up with your enemy at full TM and put you back on even ground.
Vader got an upgrade too. An entirely new ability, complete with it's own zeta, fully upgraded this ability gives him 8 speed for each of the following: Empire Ally, Sith Ally, Rebel Enemy, Jedi Enemy. This is pretty good, making Vader one of the faster toons now even if the only bonuses he has are from his own team. Here's something else, EP counts as both empire and sith, giving him 16 speed. Old Ben counts as both a Rebel and a Jedi, also giving both if you are going against him. Vader also now becomes immune to TMR and gains health each time a DoT expires on an enemy. A very nice upgrade to one of our favorite Sith Lord.
Thrawn has also become somewhat a staple of high ranking arena teams. It's little wonder, considering that he can effectively lock any enemy out of the battle entirely for a time. He can cleanse an ally's debuffs and swap TM with them, giving them some protection back in the process. Ebb and Flow isn't quite as effective as it was while running a full empire team, but Thrawn is still great for taking out an enemy RJT or GK. His versatility alone makes him a good fit for other teams that he doesn't have synergy with, we will be seeing a lot of him in the other teams because of this.
Nihilus has on and off been in the meta, increasing enemy's CD's, removing buffs with his basic, and of course, being able to instantly defeat any enemy when Annihilate comes off of CD. He now also has some synergy with Sion and Traya, gaining TM whenever either of his Triumvirate allies are critically hit.
Sion, our newest addition. I originally dismissed him as just another lackluster Sith toon. Then they gave him some synergy with Nihilus and Traya and he became much more interesting, when they get critically hit his ultimate ability(gives him a revive with full health) reduce's it's CD by 1. The interesting thing about Sion though is how is Pain debuff works. He inflicts it with his basic, his first special and his second special. Enemies with pain will automatically be taunted by Sion at the beginning of their turn, and he gains defense and offense bonuses against them. Any enemy who damages him gets pain as well. He is a solid tank that can dole out serious damage to enemies with pain. His Aoe is also perhaps the best in the game. It does damage, then in wipes buffs, then it inflicts pain, in that order. It also can't be evaded. This is amazing because by having it done in that order we wipe an enemy foresight, then clear any buffs that might prevent us from inflicting pain. On Everyone. This is why he's great against Rex teams, go ahead, wipe the buffs and give your team tenacity, we'll get rid of it and bring the pain.

RJT has been a powerhouse since her beginning in the game. For a tank she hits like a truck, her leader ability is even better than Finn's, inflicting irresistible exposes, enemies with expose lose TM when resistance use a special, resistance gain TM when an enemy becomes exposed and CD's get reduced by 1 when resistance use a special. She can call for an assist, inflict an undispellable healing immunity, and use a mind trick on a single target that will remove TM, give her TM, and inflict some debuffs.
GK is another insanely versatile toon that can fit into many teams as well. He taunts whenever an ally is crit, he can cleanse, give buffs, call for assists, he's an all around pain in the ass.
R2D2 is another great toon to have and a pain to deal with, he can give allies stealth, and with one of his zetas his selected allies will clear debuffs each time they crit. He can stun with his basic and set enemies on fire with the burning debuff. His preferred allies(Republic, Rebel, Driod or Resistance also gain bonuses specific to their tag. All in all a great support toon with synergies with many different groups.
Thrawn, we know why he is here, he doesn't have any synergies with any of his teammates and Ebb and Flow won't gain any extra TMR but he's still a powerhouse.
BB-8 is another interesting character. When he attacks outside of his turn(counter attacking or called to assist) he calls another resistance ally to assist. He grants allies secret intel, which grants potency and helps BB-8 reduce the CD of illuminated destiny. This ultimate ability cleanses ally debuffs, grants them a bunch of buffs, TM, and inflicts expose on all of the enemies. It has a very long CD but if the battle goes long enough to get this one off your super buffed toons will more than likely make quick work of the enemy.

Rex tends to make appearances back in the top teams every now and then. His leader ability grants TM to allies when one of their team is crit. He cleanses debuffs and grants tenacity up, making him a huge pain in the ass against debuff dealing teams. His basic removes TM and his other special will deal bonus damage equal to 25% of the targets health. All in all he is a great leader to have when the meta suddenly shifts in a direction you aren't prepared for.
GK is a great pair for Rex, someone gets crit, GK gains taunt and everyone gains TM. We know why he is here.
Han Solo is a toon that spent a long time in the dusty corner of people's stables waiting for the right adjustment, he then got the ability to double tap and when paired with groups that can protect him he can really deal some damage.
Thrawn appears again.
CLS once made rebels viable again for a time in arena, now he's mostly used in a support role to clear enemy buffs and spread some debuffs.

The last team is made up of toons we have already covered, but the difference being that CLS is the leader, and that's where he belongs. He gives counter chance, offense and defense to rebels, making them much more dangerous than they were before.

There are so many new mechanics in the game that we didn't have last time I did a guide. Let's take a look at what you should be looking for when putting together an arena(or other) team:

Irresistible debuffs are a more recent development and have a big impact on the arena. RJT brings a few to the table, her leader ability gives a good chance to expose the enemy for extra damage, she can inflict a healing immunity that can be evaded but can't be resisted or removed. Nightsister's under Talzin can inflict plague with their specials which can only be removed by healing the target to 100% health. Thrawn's fracture can't be avoided at all and locks the target down until thrawn's next turn. While none of these abilities are insurmountable, they do change the way we approach these characters. Thrawn can be ability blocked and stunned. RJT has a chance to remove debuffs so ability block and stun might not be your best option, but something like fracture can. Try to be mindful of these things when assembling your team and when picking teams to go against.

We also have some other abilities with interesting mechanics now that we didn't always have. Nihilus has been around for a while, so we are used to his CD increasing aoe. This however was the start of some interesting AOE abilities. DT's aoe will wipe buffs and increase CD's if there are no buffs present. Sion's ability is 3 staged, it deals damage, then it wipes buffs, then it inflicts pain. It stands to reason that we will see more of these abilities in the future. It's also another thing we have to consider when putting teams together and modding them out. In the case of a Sion/Nihilus combo, we would want Sion to go first and wipe bufss/foresight and whatnot, then use Nihilus to increase their CD's.

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Arena Teams:April 2018 Edition | Relentless-swgoh (2024)
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