Celebrate Larry David’s Birthday With Best Sports Moments From 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' (2024)

1. Some of you think this week is significant because it celebrates America gaining its independence.

I think this week is significant because on this date 77 years ago, Larry David was born.

Any time we have a reason to pay tribute to the man who gave us Seinfeld AND Curb Your Enthusiasm, we will take it.

With Curb Your Enthusiasm officially over as a series, we need to celebrate whenever we can. So, with Larry turning 77 on Tuesday, we want to thank him for often mixing sports into Curb and giving us these moments.

• The Jets kill Larry’s friend, Carl.

• Larry trips and injures Shaq.

• Larry finds an unusual way to use the HOV lane to get to the Dodgers game quicker.


• Larry helps Bill Buckner get redemption.

• Larry shows poor bathroom etiquette with Muggsy Bogues.

• Larry defends Derek Jeter.

2. Soccer fans were not happy Monday night with the look of Fox’s telecast of the USMNT-Uruguay Copa America game from Arrowhead Stadium. This is just a sample of what my timeline looked like as I scrolled through on my phone.

Celebrate Larry David’s Birthday With Best Sports Moments From 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' (1)

Fox’s broadcasters addressed the situation to make sure viewers knew Fox was not to blame and that the shot was coming from the world feed for the game.

“This is not a stadium for ants,” analyst Stu Holden said. “This is a very high camera for the CONEMBOL world feed.”

Play-by-play announcer John Strong jumped Holden and spoke all over him, to add his two cents.

“I’m honestly laughing at it because it’s about six stories up the elevator from where the other cameras are next to us here.”

"This is not a stadium for ants. This is a very high camera for the CONMEBOL world feed." 🤣🎥🐜@StuHolden shares what everyone's thinking 😅 pic.twitter.com/V7ps4Ag8Of

— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) July 2, 2024

3. If you are desperate for an NFL fix as we hit July, the newest version of Hard Knocks, featuring the New York Giants, debuts Tuesday night on Max.

4. This is a pretty wild breakdown of Jayson Tatum’s five-year, $314 million ($62.8 million per year) contract.

Jayson Tatum's income after taxes 😲

$62.8M: Salary
$23.2M: Federal Tax
$4.7M: Jock Tax
$8.1M: Escrow + Agent
$1.4M: FICA/Medicare
$25.2M: Net Income pic.twitter.com/48mGdNVLHY

— Andrew Petcash (@AndrewPetcash) July 1, 2024

5. For me, this is much more of an appealing Fourth of July watch than the stupid hot-dog eating contest.

Fireworks aren't the only high-flying action on Independence Day

Don't miss the Diving Dogs Challenge from @akcdoglovers

🐶 Thursday | 7p ET | ESPN

More: https://t.co/rjUIzABXca pic.twitter.com/Ev3lVyqV1Q

— ESPN PR (@ESPNPR) July 2, 2024

6. The latest episode ofSI Media With Jimmy Trainafeatures a conversation with Pablo Torre, who hosts thePablo Torre Finds Outpodcast for Meadowlark Media.

Torre explains how the idea for his unique podcast came about, how he picks his topics, what his goal is with the podcast, what it's like to work for Dan Le Batard and how he was able to stay with ESPN on a part-time basis while he works full-time for another company.

Torre also reveals his most memorable podcast episode, responds to various pitches for podcast ideas from Jimmy and the two reminisce about working atSports Illustratedtogether.

Following Torre, Sal Licata from WFAN and SNY joins me for our weekly “Traina Thoughts” segment. This week’s topics include JJ Redick upsetting some people by using the f-word at his Lakers’ introductory news conference, protesters interrupting sporting events and Travis Kelce joining Taylor Swift on stage on the Eras Tour. The segment finishes with a reading of the podcast’s Apple reviews for June.

You can listen to the SI Media With Jimmy Trainabelow or onAppleandSpotify.

You can also watch SI Media With Jimmy Traina onSports Illustrated‘sYouTube channel.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: Check out this clip from 30 years ago today of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, the greatest WWE commentary team of all time, working together for the very first time in the company.

#OnThisDayInWWE 30 years ago on Superstars:

Jim Ross says "it's good to be back in the saddle!", as he returns to the commentary desk - for the first time with Jerry Lawler in the WWF!

But The King is less supportive... 😂

The signs were already there of this iconic duo! pic.twitter.com/d2Ch7UnpKP

— On This Day in WWE (@OTD_in_WWE) July 2, 2024

Be sure tocatch up on past editions of Traina Thoughtsand check out theSports Illustrated Media Podcasthosted by Jimmy Traina onApple,SpotifyorGoogle. You can also follow Jimmy onTwitter and Instagram.

Celebrate Larry David’s Birthday With Best Sports Moments From 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' (2024)
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