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Closer|Issue 897Coming together in kindnessCloser went to press the day after the extraordinary nationwide round of applause for the NHS, which was one of the most moving moments in the middle of another almost unbelievable week. In this issue, we’ve spoken to a doctor who reveals such acts of kindness from strangers help him and his colleagues keep going, and we reveal how you can help. Of course, lockdown is not easy, so throughout the mag we’ve got loads of advice on how you and your family can remain strong, and also have found all the best at-home entertainment to help give you a break.We’d love to hear from you, so please do email us at, and if you’d like us delivered for free, turn to page 28 to find out how. We…1 min
Closer|Issue 897How to co-parent successfully during lockdownRelationship coach and author of The Divorce Doctor, Francine Kaye, says, “New guidelines indicate that if parents don’t live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between homes. Most parents want the best for their children and many ex-couples co-parent amicably. But sadly, that isn’t always the case, and the lockdown may exacerbate already-complex situations. Just be truthful. If you want to see the kids more while working from home, say, “I’d like to use this extra time to see the children more. Can we make that happen in a way that suits us both?” There may be times when your ex won’t comply with your rules. To avoid conflict, choose your requests wisely, and learn to accept they may not follow them. If movement between the…1 min
Closer|Issue 897LAUREN TELLS EX: ‘We need to get back together’❛SHE’S BEEN GETTING FLUTTERS EVERY TIME HIS NAME PINGS UP ON HER PHONE❜She started following her “toxic” ex again on Instagram last week – almost four years after their bitter split following a tumultuous romance.And Lauren Goodger, 33 – who recently joked she’d be “pregnant in a week” if she had a boyfriend to isolate with – has told pals she’s keen to reunite with Jake McLean, after reconnecting with the former jailbird.A source says, “Being stuck at home is making Lauren stir crazy – she’s bored and has been feeling nostalgic. She started following Jake in a bid to get his attention and see if they might spark something again. They’re back in touch, although they’re already having little spats – she’ll suddenly blank him, then they’ll flirt again…3 min
Closer|Issue 897FRONTLINE DOCTOR: ‘It’s exhausting... but kind gestures keep you going’When Dr Rinesh Parmar arrives to start his 12-and-a-half-hour shift at the intensive care unit (ICU) of a busy West Midlands hospital, he must first spend 15 minutes putting on protective clothing.The disposable gloves, gown, visor and mask are the only barrier between Dr Rinesh and the coronavirus infecting many of his patients.CALM BEFORE THE STORMOnce wearing the gear, his voice is muffled and his temperature rises quickly, while the mask rubs painfully on his skin.The 31 year old, who is chair of The Doctors’ Association UK, is one of the thousands of heroic NHS workers who are putting themselves in danger to care for those suffering from COVID-19.He says, “None of us have ever experienced working in a pandemic, and things are changing quickly. Right now, we’re treating a…5 min
Closer|Issue 897‘We’ve been cooped up together for seven years!’Jodine Boothby, 40, and her husband Stephen, 43, have been living and working together in Cornwall for the past seven years. They have a son Jimmy, nine, and daughter Charlie, seven. Jodine says, “I know exactly how hard it can be to have someone with you constantly. I set up a teething mitten business ( years ago and Steve came on board in 2013. At the time, our children weren’t school age, so all four of us were cooped up in our bungalow trying to make a new business work.“One of our key agreements has always been not to sweat the small stuff. He irritates me by not putting his clothes in the washing basket; I leave half-drunk cups of tea around – but we’ve learned to ignore it. Equally,…2 min
Closer|Issue 897NICOLA MCLEAN‘Kids will only learn if they feel happy and safe’The schools are closed and we’re all on lockdown – which means millions of parents have been left to educate and entertain their kids. And while I’m not enjoying this worrying time of change and upheaval, I have to admit I love the home-schooling aspect. I actually always wanted to give home-schooling a try, but my husband [footballer Tom Williams] wasn’t keen. My eldest [Rocky, 14] logs on for lessons provided by his school online, but my youngest [Striker, 11] doesn’t, so now is a great chance to give it a go. My other mum friends think I’m nuts, but so far I’m really enjoying it.I’ve found it’s important to keep a routine – I roughly stick to the normal school…2 min
Closer|Issue 897SAFFRON: ‘The hardest part of self-isolating is not being able to see my nan!’‘I want to find love by the end of the year’She made her name as a social media star, garnering millions of fans on her YouTube channel, before finding mainstream fame on the latest series of Strictly. At the time, Saffron, 19, revealed that taking part in the show – and getting through to week nine with dance partner AJ Pritchard – had fulfilled her elderly grandmother Ivy’s dream, revealing her nan had never missed an episode of Strictly. The pair have a close bond – with Ivy even appearing in Saffron’s videos – and the star admits the hardest part of the recent lockdown is being apart from her beloved nan and grandad, with the public advised to avoid all contact with elderly relatives to minimise risk of catching…4 min
Closer|Issue 897DAVINA AT 52: ‘ I’m more body confident now than I was at 18’Forget 5am gym sessions, thousands of squats before bed or gruelling workouts, the secret to Davina McCall’s trim figure is a lot more basic – and (thankfully) you don’t need to leave the house!“I have a demanding career and home life, so I work out no more than three times a week, usually to the videos on my website Own Your Goals. I’ve got everything on there – Pilates, yoga, HIIT, dance,” says the 52-year-old TV presenter. “My motto is to exercise when you can, enjoy it and try to be nice to yourself. There are so many things that we get stressed about – ‘I haven’t hit my water quota! I haven’t reached my target of 10,000 steps a day!’. Just relax, and don’t turn it into a stick…4 min
Closer|Issue 897KNOW THE SIGNS AND IGNORE THE NONSENSE ‘CURES’While social media has great benefits at a time like this – keeping people connected while we’re isolating, for example – frustratingly, it is also the source of some very dangerous information.There have been a lot of bogus claims about the coronavirus and some very silly and risky ‘cures’ being shared online. I strongly urge people to ignore the nonsense and not to share it.If you’ve been told that any vitamin, essential oil or natural tea can either prevent or cure this virus, it’s utter twaddle.For example, one ridiculous post that has been circulating claims that blasting hot air from a hairdryer up your nose will kill the virus. This is not only impossible, it’s downright dangerous, as it could in fact make you even more likely to get it,…4 min
Closer|Issue 897WOULD LIKE TO MEET...I have always been actively against WhatsApp relationships after being strung along multiple times and emotionally investing in digital relationships that never materialise into something in the real world. But oh, how times change. Lockdown has flipped all of our lives into an incomprehensible maze and dating is now unrecognisable too.For those of us who are single parents or who live alone, dating can be a lifeline right now. We are all adjusting to new or heightened feelings of loneliness, and crave connection, conversation and compassion – app dating can really help with that. Seeking. com has seen a 74 per cent rise in sign-ups to its dating site, meaning there are more people than ever to reach out to online.My love life over the past week has been very…2 min
Closer|Issue 897HOW TO MAKE YOUR FREEZER YOUR FRIENDUsing your freezer as much as possible will ensure that fresh food lasts and reduces your need to go to the shops. In addition to frozen veg, fish fingers and ice cubes, there is a whole host of fresh foods with a short shelf-life you can freeze – eggs, milk and yoghurt, for example. Do remember to check how long items can be frozen for before freezing, though.Freezers also make it easier to batch cook – making dishes such as chilli, curry, lasagne, stews, soups and fish pie in large quantities, then freezing the remainder for a later date. Batch cooking is also ideal if you want to give frozen homemade dinners to family, friends or neighbours who are self-isolating.You can freeze food right up to the “use by” date,…5 min
Closer|Issue 897SHE’S DONE IT BEFOREKaren Taylor – played by actress Lorraine Stanley, 43 – has played TWO other EastEnders characters in the past. Her first appearance was in 2004, when she played a young Mo in a spin-off about Mo and Pat’s friendship in the 1960s (random!). Lorraine then turned up in 2016, when she appeared in eight episodes as Thelma Bragg. Thelma was friends with Linda Carter (and Jay Brown was accused of sleeping with her underage daughter, Linzi). She finally landed a bigger role, scooping a British Soap Award for Best Newcomer.…1 min
Closer|Issue 8975 MINUTES WITH...A mini-break or a holiday in the sun?I’m 55 years old, and normally at my age, your children are grown up and you get your wife back. We’ve just had a baby [Gregg and his Italian wife Anne-Marie, 34, are parents to the adorable Sid, who’s almost one] so I’ll be in my seventies when that happens! I made her promise that we would have two weeks on our own together every year. I also love my weekends away.Did you see much of Anne-Marie when filming this?She was flying in and out just to have dinner with me! I filmed this last summer and it was just back to back European cities. This show has taught me how to be a better tourist and to see things in a more…2 min
Closer|Issue 897Cheryl’sreliefasLiamhelps her create a happy familyAhead of the nation going into lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis last week, Cheryl revealed she’d erred on the side of caution and kept third birthday celebrations for her son, Bear – who she shares with ex Liam Payne – low-key.Proving their bond is still strong, Liam, 26, praised Cheryl, 36, on Instagram, calling her a “special lady” who shows their son “all the love in the world”.And pals say the star is relieved she has someone like Liam in her life, after so much animosity with her other exes.A source says, “Liam has been an incredible support to Cheryl with everything going on, and it’s made her realise just how dedicated he is to her and Bear.“He’s been checking in every day, having long Skype sessions with Bear, arranging…3 min
Closer|Issue 897POSH’S FEARS AS BROOKLYN DISTANCES HIMSELFShe’s been trying to stay positive during the country’s lockdown – sharing light-hearted videos of her family holed up at their £6million Cotswolds home, including making comical innuendos as her and husband David baked their first-ever cake together.But while Posh, real name Victoria Beckham, is making the most of quality time with her husband David and their three youngest children – sons Romeo, 17, and Cruz, 15, and eight-year-old daughter Harper – pals say she’s struggling with being separated from her eldest son, Brooklyn, 21, who’s self-isolating 3,000 miles away in New York with American girlfriend Nicola Peltz, 25.Last week, Posh admitted she was missing Brooklyn as she posted videos of her FaceTiming him and asking for his advice on how to keep their three pet dogs content during the…5 min
Closer|Issue 897HOW TO HELP• Donate to Meals For The NHS. Your money will be used to deliver food to local hospitals to feed exhausted, hungry staff. To help, visit• Buy vital items for NHS staff. Hospitals over the UK have made online Amazon wishlists, with items like toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary towels, and phone chargers, needed by them.• Sign up to be an NHS Volunteer Responder. Visit to become help those at risk via deliveries, transport or phone calls.• Show your support for the NHS online. Drop a virtual heart and a message onto a map of Britain to show workers support is coming from far and wide. Visit…1 min
Closer|Issue 897PREGNANT LAURYN: ‘I’ve had so much abuse, but I won’t let it ruin my happiness!’‘I’ve always dreamed of being a mum’After being told she’d need IVF to have a baby, Lauryn Goodman admits discovering she was five months pregnant at a routine kidney scan was the biggest shock of her life. The model has endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and had given up hope of having a baby without medical help. Now, just weeks from giving birth, Lauryn can’t contain her excitement.DISBELIEF“When they showed me the screen and there was a baby on there, I was in a state of complete disbelief. I have a benign tumour on my kidney so was at an appointment to check up on it,” she tells Closer. “I thought there was no way I could be pregnant – I thought I’d never have this moment. I burst…4 min
Closer|Issue 897SAIRA KHAN: ‘I keep in touch wit h all the Loose Women via WhatsApp’She’s best known for being part of TV’s ultimate girl gang as one of the presenters on Loose Women, but while the hit show has been temporarily cancelled amid the coronavirus crisis, Saira Khan insists all of the hosts – including Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha, Stacey Solomon and Janet Street-Porter – are just as close off screen.Saira, 49, says, “We have a WhatsApp group, and we have a laugh – but also we ask for advice and we all know what’s going on in each other’s lives. It’s hard to explain, because it’s not the kind of friendship I’ve ever experienced before. It’s so open – we talk about things that it might take somebody years to talk about. I go, ‘Oh Nads, I sneezed the other day and I…4 min
Closer|Issue 897MY VIEW ON… STAYING HEALTHY AND HAPPY INDOORSGET ACTIVE – It’s hard not being able to do your usual fitness routine, but use home workouts from YouTube or Instagram, and try to go out for a daily walk if you safely can. I’ve been walking my dog most days, and I’ve been keeping up my Strictly moves by dancing around indoors to stay fit.PAMPER YOURSELF – You may be missing your beauty appointments, but now is a good time to change things up. I love face masks. I also still do my make-up every day, even if I’m not going out – little things can still make you feel good.TALK – There’s never been a better time to really talk to your family, to your loved ones, your friends. Check in with people, really offload and share…1 min
Closer|Issue 897At home Entertainment SPECIAL!BOX SETSThe best shows to binge onPODCASTSLOSE YOURSELF IN ONE OF OUR TOP PICKSBOOKSRECOMMENDED READS TO WHILE AWAY THE HOURSAPPS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILYFrom social networking to self-help, these apps will help you survive and thriveSTAY CONNECTEDHOUSEPARTYAs you can’t party in person, do it virtually via the free Houseparty app. It allows you to host video chats, so you and your friends can hang out. You can play games too, at an extra cost.GET ACTIVEFIITNo home gym? No problem. Fiit brings the workouts to your living room, with a choice of top personal trainers. Free 14-day trial (75 classes), or £19.99 for Premium monthly access.KEEP CALMHEADSPACEMeditation can help to boost happiness and help manage stress levels. Headspace has everything from basic classes to focused sessions. First week free, then £9.99…1 min
Closer|Issue 897EIGHT BRILLIANT PODCASTSIf you’re self-isolating at home, break the humdrum with these audio shows to help you relax, smile and feel inspiredDINE IN WITH THE STARSLive from her kitchen table, singer-songwriter Jessie Ware talks food memories and favourite dishes with famous guests on Table Manners With Jessie Ware. With her chef mum Lennie, they invite a celebrity into their home, cook a hearty meal, and have a relaxed chat over food and wine. Nicole Scherzinger wolfed down a Thanksgiving meal (with bread sauce), Nigella Lawson admitted to being a fussy eater, and Cheryl ate so much she left with her jeans undone. Jessie says, “I like to think people feel safe when we talk to them because I understand what it’s like to be the person at the other end.”INSPIRATION FOR PARENTSShe…3 min
Closer|Issue 897HAPPY CLAPPERSUSE GENTLE CLEANSERSCleaning hands often is vital, and a gentler, natural-based formula can make a huge difference to your skin. BECo’s foaming hand washes smell divine and are totally vegan and hypoallergenic, so extra soft on damaged skin. The Nursem range is full of conditioning plant oils and vitamins, and for each item sold, the company donate a month’s worth of product to a nurse or midwife. Win win!SOOTHE WITH BALMSTake some time out and treat your digits to a pamper sesh with a refreshing mask. These gloves are filled with Neutrogena’s much-loved Norwegian Formula. Simply pop them on and leave for ten minutes once a week to keep palms smooth. Make the most of your beauty sleep with Dove’s overnight balm. The buttery texture has a relaxing lavender scent…2 min
Closer|Issue 897‘Exercise is key to getting through this outbreak’With the country on lockdown, Davina says our mental health and wellbeing need to take priority. She says, “Now more than ever, I believe exercise is the key to getting us through this for our own mental health. For me, in times of stress, exercise has been a lifesaver. My Own Your Goals platform has got everything you need to get you through these next few weeks and I’m giving people access for free for 30 days. There are hundreds of hours of classes on there, including Pilates, yoga, HIIT, weight training, boxing and dancing. They’re for all abilities too and plenty for people in vulnerable age groups. You can also access wellbeing articles, which I think will help, on topics such as motivation, anxiety relief, sleeping, and also food…1 min
Closer|Issue 897‘SEX DOESN’T GIVE YOU CANCER!’Recent headlines warning that having more than ten sexual partners increases the risk of cancer are very stigmatising. The tone implies, “It’s your fault you got cancer because you slept around”, and the statistics are misleading.GO FOR SCREENINGSThe story in question claimed that older women who had ten or more sexual partners in their lifetime were 91 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with cancer, compared with those who only had one.Some cancers, like cervical, oral, throat, vulval and anal, are linked to sexual infections because of HPV [human papillomavirus], but that doesn’t mean if you get HPV you’ll get cancer. There are more than 100 types of HPV and around 15 are associated with cancers. It’s also very common – 80 per cent of people will have HPV…2 min
Closer|Issue 897HOW TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO START A FAMILYNormally if you’re deciding whether to start a family, you have a list of things to think about, but now we have a lot of extra ones regarding how long this will go on, job security and fears around keeping a roof over our heads. But while things are uncertain, the government is doing what it can to keep jobs safe, and help people with costs.EXPLORE OPTIONSIf you are single and fear you won’t be able to get out and meet anyone in time, calm those anxious thoughts. People often take a month or two off dating anyway, to take some time to themselves. Also, you can meet and chat to people from your own home – arrange to share a glass of wine over an app to get to…2 min
Closer|Issue 897‘I FOUND A NEW JOB IN 24 HRS!’As the pandemic spreads, many people have found themselves out of work, causing anxiety about their financial situation. While the government has offered to pay 80 per cent of people’s wages for at least three months – up to a total of £2,500 a month – many businesses have already collapsed and some of us will have already lost out. If you’re in that position – don’t despair.If you are unable to work, thanks to new childcare responsibilities, visit for the most-up-to-date advice and support. For those who are able to work, the good news is that numerous jobs are being created. It’s estimated that around 50,000 new positions need filling, and they could help you bridge the gap.Of course, the idea of working on the frontline could worry…4 min
Closer|Issue 897TOP 20 tv picks1 KIM KARDASHIAN WEST: THE JUSTICE PROJECTSHE’S A BRAINBOX, TOOFROM MON 6 APR, HAYUUsing her media profile to do remarkable work, Kim Kardashian shares the knowledge she’s picked up in the time she’s spent training to be a lawyer. Exploring her fight for criminal justice reform, this amazing two-hour documentary features four cases (including a sex-trafficking victim and a woman who murdered the family member who molested her) and shows an emotional Kim welling up as prison inmates recount their stories of landing behind bars. “There is a mass incarceration problem in the United States,” says the 39-year-old reality star. “Once you hear their circ*mstances your heart will open up.” Kim talks to their families and friends, and lobbies for their release. Go girl. hayu is a Reality TV subscription…7 min
Closer|Issue 897Out this week!MUST READThe Familiar Dark (AMY ENGEL)Eve Taggert’s life has been spent steadily climbing away from her roots. Her mother, a hard and cruel woman who raised her in a rundown trailer park, was not who she wanted to be to her own daughter, Junie. But 12-year-old Junie is dead, found next to the body of her best friend in the park of their small, broken town. Eve is determined to find out what happened. Everyone is a suspect – and someone will answer for her daughter’s murder. A dark and moving thriller.MAGIC RADIO IS NOW AVAILABLE ACROSS THE UK ON YOUR DAB DIGITAL RADIOFOR MORE INFO VISIT: WWW.MAGIC.CO.UKWORDS: CAITLIN BUTKER, ALYS WEBB, AMY ROWLAND. PHOTOS: GETTY…1 min
Closer|Issue 897TUNE IN5 Seconds Of Summer CalmThe fun new offering from Australian pop-rockers 5SOS comes just at the right time! The upbeat 12-track listing is written by the boys, singer Charlie Puth and producer extraordinaire Ryan Tedder. Our fave tracks include Easier, Lonely Heart and Best Years. Listen now on all good streaming platforms.Dua Lipa Future NostalgiaSecond studio album from pop princess Dua Lipa has been released one week ahead of schedule, due to sadly being leaked online. Still, this album is full of bangers – including single Physical, perfect for at-home workouts. Keep on spreading the good vibes, Dua! Out now.…1 min
Closer|Issue 897Your starsTHIS WEEK’S CELEB STAR SIGNARIES21 MAR-19 APRMaybe it’s the lockdown, but you’re in a cycle where you need to learn to say “no” to friends and anyone else who’s being too demanding of you or your time. If people are being mean, shrug it off as best you can. Tune into the Moon via the (free) Moon Lite Club at moonliteTAURUS20 APR-20 MAYUse this weird cycle we are all in to work out what your ambitions are. Even if you don’t have a job, there’s still plenty of scope for setting an aim that you work tirelessly for in the coming two years. This week, you have extra energy to chase any goals. Tune into the Moon via the (free) Moon Lite Club at MAY-20 JUNYou could be…4 min
Closer|Issue 897KHLOÉ’S ‘FALLEN IN LOVE AGAIN’ AS TRISTAN MOVES INThey’re reportedly living together at her Calabasas home in California, with Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson “quarantining together” with their one-year-old daughter True amid the COVID-19 crisis.And sources tell Closer their relationship has now “fully recovered” from Khloé, 35, finding out Tristan, 29, had been unfaithful days before she was due to give birth in April 2018.An insider says, “Khloé has forgiven Tristan for what happened and says it feels like a lifetime ago for her. He’s been such a help, entertaining True and cooking for Khloé, which lightens the load. She’s really happy she decided to invite him to live with them while this is going on. She feels like she’s falling in love with him all over again.”And pals think they could be back together for the long…1 min
Closer|Issue 897‘PEOPLE AREN’T TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY’Nurse Suman Shrestha is the Royal College of Nursing professional lead for critical care, and works in the ICU and high-dependency units at two hospitals. He says, “I’ve been a nurse for 23 years, and this is the most challenging thing I’ve faced. It’s not just the number of patients, it’s the speed at which they are coming into hospitals. “I don’t visit my family any more. It’s always on my mind that I might be a silent carrier. “A lot of us have moved away from our loved ones, to protect them – it can be a huge psychological burden. “I still don’t think people are taking lockdown seriously – they think the virus won’t affect them. But it will. Stay at home. Wash hands and surfaces. “If people…1 min
Closer|Issue 897CLOSER NEWS REPORT HOW CAN YOU SAFEGUARD YOUR MARRIAGE WHILE IN LOCKDOWN?‘Being together 24/7 creates issues – but you’ll get through this!’Most people will be aware that January is “divorce month” as it sees a spike in break-ups due to couples being forced to spend more time together over Christmas.And although relationship expert and divorce coach Sara Davison warns that pressure will be heightened now the nation has been ordered to stay at home, she says there are ways to keep partnerships healthy during this emotionally challenging time.PRESSURESara explains, “Many couples are used to leading quite ‘separate’ lives – they work away from each other, socialise with their own friends, have their own hobbies and often don’t end up seeing that much of each other.❛USE THIS TIME POSITIVELY AND SURRENDER TO THE SITUATION❜“Suddenly being together 24/7 can highlight issues in the…3 min
Closer|Issue 897MY VIEW ON...LABOUR: A lot of my friends say, “Go with the flow, as you never know what can happen.” I have practised a lot on my breathing and I’m feeling a bit anxious, but I keep trying to tell myself to remain positive.THE THIRD TRIMESTER: My baby’s head is engaged now, so I have a “waddle” when I walk. I’m always out of breath and have crazy heartburn. I’ve got a few stretch marks but I’ve been using [skincare brand] Mama Mio to help reduce them.SOCIAL MEDIA: Even though it’s private, my Instagram page is full of positivity, and it’s there to raise awareness for all my fellow endometriosis and PCOS sufferers. Being a first-time mum, you really appreciate all the help and tips you get from the mum community. I…1 min
Closer|Issue 897GAY TRANS DADS: ‘We can’t have kids – but we want 20 fake babies’Sam Arvonio isn’t your average dad. He has a staggering ten children – two of which he gave birth to before transitioning to a man, and eight of which are ‘reborn’ dolls.Sam and his fiancé, Henry – who also identifies as a transgender man – dote on their brood of fake babies. The pair take them out on shopping trips, and watch TV together on the sofa.And Sam’s real-life children, Gemson, seven, and Emma-Leigh, four – both from previous relationships – love their little “brothers and sisters”.Sam, 26, says, “Henry and I can’t currently have children of our own, but our reborn family is the next best thing. We’d love to have even more – 20 babies would be amazing.“They each have their own personalities. For example, Tabitha has a…5 min
Closer|Issue 897HOW ARE THE STARS COPING WITH LOCKDOWN?As celebs went into isolation and social distancing along with the rest of the country, Peter Andre spoke for the nation last week when he praised the hard work and bravery of NHS employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Speaking on GMTV via video link, he revealed that he and wife Emily MacDonagh, 30 – an NHS doctor – had been living in separate rooms to protect their two young children from contracting the virus. The singer, 47, admitted he was worried for his wife’s safety, while also revealing he had been in charge of homeschooling and was finding it difficult.“It’s nothing compared to what Emily’s doing, and NHS staff, and carers up and down the country,” he said. “What I’m doing is absolutely nothing compared to that.”He joked that while…2 min
Closer|Issue 897THE BEST BINGEWORTHY BOX SETSCOMEDYPETER KAY’S CAR SHAREAMAZON PRIME, S1-3Colleagues John and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) are thrown together in a company car share scheme. Just amazing.BREEDERSNOW TVMartin Freeman returns to comedy (alongside Back To Life’s Daisy Haggard) with a new series from Peep Show’s Simon Blackwell. Taking an unflinching look at the Herculean difficulties of raising a child, this is like a darker version of Motherland…NIGHTY NIGHTBBC IPLAYER, S1-2The brilliant Julia Davis created one of the funniest – and most horrendous – comedy characters ever in the shape of Jill for her very dark and completely bonkers series. It also stars Ruth Jones – what’s not to love?HOMEALL 4, S1-2Written by and starring W1A’s Rufus Jones, this tale of a Syrian refugee adopted by a suburban family is both heart-warming and very, very funny.INSIDE…4 min
Closer|Issue 897My day in style JACQUELINE JOSSA‘I CAN’T WAIT FOR DATE NIGHTS WITH DAN AGAIN – WE DON’T WASTE THEM’‘MORNING 7AM: Ella, my five year old, walks in and wakes up me and my husband Dan [Osborne, who Jacqueline married in 2017] by asking me if it’s the morning yet. I usually say no, but then I look at my phone and realise it is time to get up. We’ll go straight downstairs and have breakfast. We usually have toast, cereal or, if I have time, scrambled eggs. 8AM: Once I’ve got Ella and 21-month-old Mia dressed, I’ll put on some loungewear. I wear it 24/7 – I love it. 10.30AM: Before we were home-schooling, I’d do the school run and visit my performing arts academy. Until we went into self-isolation, I’d try to go about…3 min
Closer|Issue 897EASTER TREATSSPEND OR SAVESPOTLIGHT ON...NEXT STORAGE BUYSWhen it comes to savvy-yet-stylish storage solutions, Next has got you covered. With prices from just £5, the budget-friendly collection of chic baskets, handy boxes and creative shelving will ensure your home remains clutter-free.…1 min
Closer|Issue 897Fridge raiderINSIDE KATIE’S FRIDGE• Cheese strings• Eggs• Houmous• Butter• Chicken stock• Whole milk• Chicken breasts• Avocados• Prosciutto• Salami• Chocolate buttons• Mozzarella• Mushrooms• Whole meal nimble bread• Prawns• Strawberries• No-crust bread• Carrots• Spinach• Potatoes• Red wineVERDICTNUTRITIONIST JULIETTE KELLOW SAYS, “It’s great to see Katie eating more fruit and vegetables, lean protein and healthier carbs, and cutting down on fried food and alcohol. Eating fewer processed meats like salami or sausages, and swapping smoked salmon for fresh, will help reduce her salt intake – important for maintaining healthy blood pressure.”FRIDGE HEALTH RATING 7/10CLOSER ONLINEGET RECIPES, DIET AND FITNESS ADVICE AT CLOSERONLINE.CO.UK/DIET-BODYKATIEHow much do you spend a week?Around £70. Since I had Hudson [her 19-month-old son], I shop online to save time and to avoid being tempted by things I don’t need.Describe your daily…2 min
Closer|Issue 897HELP KIDS UPSET BY SCHOOL CLOSURESYou are your child’s emotional compass, and the way that you deal with your stress will directly affect how they deal with theirs. Security is created through habit, so get up and go to sleep at normal times. You need to take care of some of their educational needs, but make lots of times for family bonding and communication. Connect with friends and family through video calling with fun things like a virtual dinner party.Just like adults, kids cope best when they have a schedule, so timetable your day, including fitness, chores, cooking, and creativity.Sadly, some online outlets are skewing headlines to make each one seem more apocalyptic, so you need to police what they are seeing. Encourage them to discuss stories that upset them and defuse their fears by…1 min
Closer|Issue 897CELEB LIFE MANTRAI’M PROUD OF… having my two boys. It’s hard to juggle a career and being a wife. I know I’m not on my own, but some days I’m punching the air thinking I’m winning, and other days I drop the ball and think, “How do other people do it?” It’s a balancing act.THE BEST ADVICE I’VE BEEN GIVEN IS... if you can’t afford something, don’t buy it. My dad taught me to avoid the massive hole you can dig yourself into by getting in debt. I’ve worked hard and been lucky along the way, but when I couldn’t afford to go out with friends, I wouldn’t, and it has stood me in good stead.I’VE COME TO REALISE... that when I love my friends, I love very deeply, but if I…1 min
Closer|Issue 897Soap Spotlight!EMMERDALEEmmerdale is airing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm, with Coronation Street going out at 7.30pm on the same nights.DISHING OUT ADVICEIf you’re after advice – especially concerning matters of the heart – don’t ask Mandy Dingle! Bob fancies Wendy, and Mandy encourages him to tell her, reckoning now is the time to make his move. He’s busy organising a treasure hunt in the village (observing social distancing rules, of course), but there’s an incident involving Wendy’s bag being swiped by a robber, which gives Bob the chance to rescue his damsel in distress. It could go either way – will his antics turn Wendy’s head..? Elsewhere, dodgy Malone is not amused when cops find his big car smouldering away in a field (i.e. Billy gets it).HOLLYOAKSHollyoaks is going…4 min
Closer|Issue 897‘I want a Hollywood handshake’Feeling confident?CAROL, 59: I’m not up to the standards of some, but I can bake. I grew up in Wales and I would win in the baking category year after year at the school Eisteddfod.KELLY, 40: I would probably rate myself a six out of ten. A bit better than average, but I’m not amazing.Do you have a signature dish?CAROL: Not at all, no.KELLY: We basically have banana bread at home all the time, so I just do that…Have you had any disasters?CAROL: Oh, millions. Part of the problem is that I don’t really eat cake. Fish I can do, and I’m very good at a salad!KELLY: All my cooking is pretty much a disaster, in terms of the state of the kitchen.Who taught you how to bake?CAROL: My mum…3 min
Closer|Issue 897GREAT NIGHT INOne Man, Two GuvnorsAVAILABLE ON YOUTUBESTREAMING FOR A WEEK, FROM 7PM ON 2 APRILFancy yourself as a bit of a culture vulture, or want to become one? Well, you can now get your fix of the stage at home, thanks to the National Theatre’s fabulous new scheme. As the iconic London venue has shut for the foreseeable, they’re making plays available, for free, on YouTube – starting with One Man, Two Guvnors. This hilarious gangster show stars the legend that is James Corden – he won an Emmy for this performance, FYI. And if you enjoyed the production, make sure to give a donation to the theatre online. Win win.The James Bond seriesAVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIMEOUT 1 APRILIf, like us, you were miffed when No Time To Die got pushed…1 min
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