How does the trader role work? (2024)

How does the trader role work?

The Trader Role is probably the most realistic Role in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online
Red Dead Online is a 2019 action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games as the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. › wiki › Red_Dead_Online
. You go out and collect furs and carcasses, and then you trade them for money, simple. The downside to this is that much like real life, it's a bit boring. Still, it's a pretty decent moneymaker and it unlocks some great rewards.

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What does the Trader role do?

As the Trader you will turn your camp into a burgeoning business by sourcing materials for Cripps to produce into sellable goods. An investment of 15 Gold Bars to purchase a Butcher's Table will get your business up-and-running.

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How much does the Trader role make?

The Trader bonus comes in the form of a massive 50% RDO$ payout increase for all sell missions. This means that taking 100 goods on a long delivery will net you over $900, and any posse members who join you on the journey will also see that bonus, earning them just under $500 each.

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How do you trigger a Trader role in rdr2?

Becoming A Trader

To get your business off the ground, you'll need to buy a Butcher's Table for 15 Gold from Wilderness Outfitters – unless you are playing on PlayStation 4, in which case it's free. Once you have the table, you are free to set up shop in your camp and begin exploring all the Trader role has to offer.

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How do you increase Trader role in rdr2?

  1. Ranks 1-5: Camp in southern Gaptooth Ridge, and run back-to-back local deliveries for 200 XP (amount of goods doesn't matter).
  2. Ranks 6-10: Get the medium wagon and run 26-good deliveries for 1000 XP. ...
  3. Ranks 11+: Get the large wagon and do 100-good large deliveries.
Oct 31, 2020

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How long does it take Cripps to make 100 goods?

So 100 goods = 200 mins, or 3 hours 20 mins of uninterrupted gameplay. Goods don't get created when you're offline. No idea if production of goods continues if your camp suddenly disappears off the map in the middle off your session...

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Is the Trader role good?

If you don't use the online collector map, then trader is the best for cash, and moonshiner (which requires that you be a trader already) would be second, because without the online collector map, you're unlikely to complete sets regularly and thus won't be raking in the cash super quickly with it.

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How do you level up your Trader role fast?

Instead of making 50 item deliveries, you can opt to go on a local delivery once a single item is available. No matter the size of the delivery you'll earn 200 Trader XP, so this can be a great way to quickly rank up.

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Can you get gold from Trader role?

An easy and reliable way to get decent XP gains is by completing the daily Trader challenges. You start with one per day, then get another at rank five, and another at rank ten. These give 200 Trader XP and 200 general XP, as well as some gold, so make sure to complete them.

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How do you become a Red Dead trader?

Simply approach the Outfitters and speak to the man to purchase/receive the Butcher's Table. Once you have the table, you'll have accepted the Trader role in Red Dead Online and can begin creating a thriving business.

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Where do I start a Trader role?

To begin with, players will need to head to their nearest Post Office and open a letter from Cripps, which explains that there is a business opportunity to be discussed. Players will then need to travel to Armadillo and meet Cripps in order to progress.

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Can you be a collector and a trader in rdr2?

Roles - Bounty Hunter, Collector, and Trader

Players can choose to specialize in one, two, or all of these roles.

How does the trader role work? (2024)
How do I check my trader level rdr2?

Fasting way to level up trader is by doing sell missions with 1 good. You get the same experience whether you sell 1 good, or 100 goods. If you want to check your level press esc, then progress, then roles.

Does Cripps take fish?

Cripps doesn't accept fish because they're going to release a fisherman role.

Can you sell legendary pelts to Cripps?

You can sell legendary skins to Gus, who creates some coats with hoods out of them. You can also sell legendary animals to Cripps for a huge amount. There it's same as with normal animals: the whole carcass is worth more than the skin.

What does donating to Cripps do?

As a Trader, animals you hunt can be donated to Cripps, the eccentric old guy who looks after your camp, who will then turn the raw materials into goods you can sell.

How long does it take for Cripps to make 25 goods?

A supply run gains the player (and that hobo Cripps) 25 goods. It takes Cripps two minutes to process one good, so he runs through one supply run in 50 minutes, not the "about 20 minutes" that I state below.

What role in rdr2 makes the most money?

Collector Role:The Collector Role is often considered one of the most profitable roles. You can collect items scattered across the game world and sell them to Madam Nazar. Use online maps or guides to find the locations of collectibles for efficient collection.

What is the best role for money in rdr2?

Bounty Hunting is possibly the most lucrative Role in Red Dead Online. Each bounty is quick and earns you both money and gold, fast. There are also enemies to loot, which can help with the Collector Role, so you really boost your earnings over time with this.

What role should I buy first in Red Dead Redemption online?

The Collector Role is by far the best role for making money and claiming XP. Players will need to locate Madam Nazar and her caravan, which moves around the map daily. Although purchasing the Collector's Bag to start the Collector Role in Red Dead Online will set players back 15 Gold Bars, it is well worth the price.

What is the best horse in rdr2 online?

Arabian. The best horse in Red Dead Online is going to cost you a pretty penny… and every other last dime in your cowboy's change purse. At $850, this is the second most expensive horse in the game, though it justifies its sky-high price tag with its excellent health, speed, stamina, and acceleration stats.

How do you level up trader in 7 days?

Unlocking the next tier of quests requires completing 7 quests in the current tier. Completing quests from previous tiers will also count but require the player to complete more of them. For example, if a player is on Tier 3, they will need 21 points to complete it and unlock Tier 4.

How do I become a full trader?

Navigating the path to becoming a full-time trader
  1. Step 1: Undertake a self-assessment. ...
  2. Step 2: Gain an education. ...
  3. Step 3: Choose your trading style. ...
  4. Step 4: Develop a trading strategy. ...
  5. Step 5: Master your risk management techniques. ...
  6. Step 6: Start with a small trading account. ...
  7. Step 7: Practice and refine your techniques.
Mar 29, 2023

Is it better to be honorable in rdr2 online?

High honor leads to reduced prices, better loot, and more outfits, while low honor yields more loot and discounts on deadeye tonics. Being good in the game requires sacrifices, while being bad has fewer rewards, but low honor makes gameplay easier and less stressful.

What's better moonshiner or bounty hunter?

TL;DR: roles in terms of best to worst - Collector, Moonshiner, Trader, Bounty Hunter, Naturalist. Moonshiner is much much more money than bounty hunter. Regular bounty hunters can do Legendary missions. Naturalist role runs perfect with trader - legendary animals give the most supplies.

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